All Wheel Drive Services

Equipment Specification

Oilfield Winch Body

Let our specialists help you design your equipment needs, on/off road, arctic or desert conditions - where ever your next job location is.

Auto CAD Design

We can supply you with detailed drawings for your next project.

Hydraulic Systems

Designing systems for arctic cold conditions or extreme desert heat is one of our specialties.


Mechanic's Truck

Our fabrication capabilities include Power Press Brake, Hydraulic Shear, Iron Worker, Stripit Machine, complete fabrication for oilfield equipment needs. We have ASME Certified Welders.

Paint Booth

60' x 16' DeVilbiss Dual Drow Draft Drive Thru Booth, with 14' wide doors.

Service Shop/Repair

Hydraulic systems, cranes, Fabco Axles and Transfer Assemblies, Trailers, PTO's, Hydraulic Pumps, Winches, Air Compressors, and many other major truck equipment products.


Equipment and Parts Exporting Experience

We have been shipping equipment and parts all over the world for many years.

Chassis Dropship Capabilities

All major truck manufacturers deliver their chassis' direct to our facility.