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Trailer Mounted Crane

Trailer Mounted Crane

Let our design team help you equip your crane and trailer equipment to fit your needs.

  • Trailers for on or off road applications, any size - large or small.
  • Cranes of all sizes, straight boom or articulating style.
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Oilfield Winch Body

All Wheel Drive Equipment builds Oilfield Winch Trucks and Winch Tractors of all sizes for domestic and international oil companies.

Oilfield Winch Body
  • Chassis sizes range from the small Class 3 Chassis to the largest Desert Truck Chassis, the KW Super 963.
  • We custom build each body package to customers fleet application.
  • Using all major brands of winches, Braden Winch, Tulsa Winch, and Ramsey Winch.
  • All body parts are laser cut for high quality body manufacturing.
  • With our CAD design capabilities, all Winch Body and Tractor Packages will be drawn for your inspection and final approval.

Custom-Built Chassis

With the diversified capabilities here at All Wheel Drive Equipment we have the ability to make any custom modification to your equipment needed for your company to complete your custom project.

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Steerable Pole Trailers

Specifications for our extendable, Steerable Pole Trailer for the Pipeline Industry.

Steerable Pole Trailer
  • Telescopic, self tracking pole trailer, 40,000 lb. capacity on rear trailer bolsters.
  • 44’ retracted length over bolsters, 66’ extended length over bolsters, rear of trailer is approximately 4’ behind rear bolster.
  • Heavy duty bolsters on trailer turntable and double bolsters with pin for truck 5th wheel, includes donut and crossed cable assemblies for extended length operation.
  • Ball bearing turntable.
  • Tandem axle, walking beam suspension.
  • 2-22,000 lb. axles.
  • 11R22.5 tires, Goodyear GT230.
  • Air brakes, 16 ½ x 7”.
  • Lights, reflectors and mud flaps.
  • Paint red.